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Finishes for Interior Walls

Silkomate emulsion gives a smooth finish to the wall. It is a smart choice if you have been previously using distemper. Currently available in variety of shades as per the Hadsons paints colour spectra.

A Smart Upgrade

Silkomate emulsion is the perfect way to make a smart upgrade from distempers. It offers the finish of plastic paint, at a cost that is no too different from distemper. It gives 1.5 times the voverage of distemper, so you need less material. It also lasts for at least 3 – 4 years, so you don’t have to paint that often.

Smooth Finish

Silkomate emulsion offers your walls a smooth emulsion finish, making it the perfect value for money paint.


Silkomate Emulsion offers a wide range of shades. So you can choose your favorite colors for your home.


Shades Available

Durable Paint

Interior Paint

Unique Colors

Surface Friendly

Creative Choice

Shades Available