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Exterior Walls Finish

Finishes for Exterior Walls

Hadsons paints weathermate advances anti-algal weather proof is a water based 100% Acrylic smooth emulsion with silicon additives that offers an anti-algal and high performance exterior wall finish. Choosing the right combination of shades for your home can be difficult. At such times, you could do with the some professional help. Hadsons paints foresite provides you with prints for your home in 3 color combinations, as select by you. Visit an hadsons paints color world retail store which offers this services, and furnish a digital photograph(resolution 3300-dpi or more) to the dealer.

Color Stay Technology

Weathermate uses specially formulated high performance colour pigments and binder technology which offer excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation. This ensures brighter cleaner shades that will not fade, ensure your home continues to look beautiful over time.


Weather-mate comes with a comprehensive 7 year performance warranty*. (5 year warranty for coastal markets). * FOr further details please refer to the Weathermate product warranty booklet.

Advanced Anti-algal Formula

Wheathermate contains an advanced anti-algal formula which fights with the formation of algae and keeps away ugly black spots from your walls.

Excellent Dirt Pickup Resistance

Weather-mate is designed with the unique dirt pick up resistance (DPUR) property. It fights dust from settling on the wall surface and thereby retains the initial beauty.


Weathermate offers excellent sheen, giving your newly painted home a classy finish

Weathermate Qualities


Shades Available

Durable Paint

Shades Available

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Shades Available